Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Double State Sen. Rick Gudex Interviews

Late last week, I missed presenting to you an interview with WFDL's "Between the Lines" and State Sen. Rick Gudex.

You can listen to that HERE.

It covers a lot of what has been recently talked about, including:

- Increasing the math and science credits needed for high school graduation
- Common Core Committee: Something we haven't heard from him on before. He doesn't really comment and says he's "not real well versed on", which surprises me considering how much he got funding from school sources in his race.
- Historic tax credit
- Brown Jug Bill
- He predicts seeing "major changes" in Wisconsin's tax code in the coming legislative session. That's scary, especially when it comes from someone like Sen. Gudex who says he wants to make it easier to live in Wisconsin. I don't know about you, but it would be easier for me if we had a well funded, thriving public education system, university system, and didn't have a legislature and governor hell-bent on pitting people against each other.

But that's just me...

Then on Monday Sen. Gudex was on with KFIZ to discuss many of the same issues.

You can listen to that interview HERE. 

This covers much of the same things the other one does:

- Brown Jug Bill
- Historic Preservation Tax Credit Bill
- Technical Education Bill (Lots of Skills Gap talk... sigh)
- Local turnover on the City Council. He does mention that there were 3 reasons people sent him down to Madison, but strangely never mentions being a shill for the American Federation for Children in that.
- 151 bypass talk and funding for it in the state budget

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  1. Look for Republicans to attempt to find a way to eliminate the state income tax.